PwnageTool and OS 3.0

After getting OS 3.0 installed on my iPod Touch, I’ve decided to do a little jailbreaking. Jailbreaking allows you to download apps that are not part of the App Store, and apply a few “tweaks” to your device, many of them allowing more features than Apple had originally intended. Originally I was going to try redsn0w, but instead have opted to go with PwnageTool. Both programs are designed and distributed by the iPhone Dev Team. Download links to both are posted on the iPhone Dev Team’s blog.

How To:
NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage you cause to your iPod Touch or iPhone from using this guide. If you have not done this before, read the guide carefully before doing anything.

1. Download and run the .dmg file. Run “PwnageTool”. You should see the screen below.
PwnageTool Welcome Screen
2. Make sure you are in “Simple Mode” on the top. Select iPod Touch (middle one), and let the program scan your hard drive for any IPSW files. It should find the 3.0 update. Select it. (if you have not already downloaded OS 3.0, you can find it here)
PwnageTool Selection ScreenPwnageTool IPSW Selection
3. PwnageTool will create the modified 3.0 update, and save it to your desktop. You will be prompted for your password at some point, just enter it and allow PwnageTool to finish saving the file.
PwnageTool Save DialogPwnageTool Creating IPSW
4. PwnageTool will ask you if you have “Pwned” your iTouch before. If this is your first time Jailbreaking, then the answer is no. Select the appropriate answer.
PwnageTool Jailbreak
5. You will then need to connect your iTouch to your computer so you can place it in DFU mode. This will allow you to restore it in iTunes with the modified update. PwnageTool will have you press and hold both the power and home button for 10 seconds, then release the power button while still pressing home for another 10 seconds.
PwnageTool Entering DFU Mode
6. If done properly, PwnageTool will give you a show you this screen.
PwnageTool DFU Mode Complete
7. Close PwnageTool and open up iTunes. You should receive a message that there is an iPod in restore mode. Don’t worry, this is what we want to happen. Click on your iPod in the left column. The screen should change, and there should be an option to “Restore”. While holding the “option” key on your keyboard, click “Restore”. A file select dialog should pop up. Navigate to your custom IPSW; it should be on your desktop. Open it, sit back, and wait for the restore to complete.
iTunes Recovery File Select
8. Once your iPod has rebooted, you should have a fully Jailbroken iTouch with OS 3.0. Enjoy!

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