Plugbox LAMP Server

I finally had some time to hack my Pogoplug and turn it into a “Plugbox”. I’m currently not sure if its accessible outside of my local network, but I have it set up with a dynamic DNS [] for the time being. Following Lifehacker’s guide was pretty straight forward, except they don’t explain how to use the server [ie, where to put files, how to check the PHP settings, how to make sure MySQL is working, etc] after the initial setup is complete and you have Apache running. I’m still in the process of figuring out all of the final configuration settings, so if anyone has any experience with these, please post in the comments.

If you go to check the site out and it appears to be down, thats just because I’ve stopped it from running while moving it to/from Binghamton. Check out a screenshot below of the server starting/stopping:

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  • appel says:

    Interested in turning one of these plugs (Pogo, Sheeva, Tonido or Guru) into a ‘localhost’ as well. Almost one year has passed, care to do a follow up?

  • @appel

    Unfortunately, I left the plugbox back home and I’m at school right now. Depending on how classes go, I may bring it up after my Thanksgiving break and mess with it/do a write up. If not then, definitely expect a write up over my winter break. Sorry for the delay – if you have any questions on getting the basic system set up, just leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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