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As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve started playing with my car a little more over the recent months. Among the upgrades include an AEM Cold Air Intake (CAI), HID lights in every available location on the front end, new Alpine Type-R speakers in the cabin, and various LEDs wherever traditional bulbs were originally installed. Since I began the work, I have constantly been checking various Scion websites [,] hoping to get my hands on a set of discontinued TYC tail lights. Scion discontinued these lights roughly a year ago, but, in my opinion, they are some of the nicest LED tail lights available for the tC. Thankfully, about 3 weeks ago, I was browsing the forums over at scionlife and was fortunate enough to find a user selling a set, and to be the first to reply to the thread, essentially giving me “first dibs” on the product. We quickly settled on a price, and the lights were shipped out to me. I received them on a Monday morning, but had a test the Thursday of that week, and headed to Duke that Friday. Unfortunately, that meant the lights had to sit for a little while more before I could install them. The week following my trip to Duke, I had a test on Wednesday, which again meant I wouldnt be installing them before my exam. I finally found some time this past Saturday to get them installed. Check them out in the pictures below (sorry for the low quality photos, they’re from my phone for the time being):

Installing them wasn’t too difficult – 2 screws and 1 fastener per side secure the bumper to the car. Once these connectors are removed, there were 3 bolts inside the car that secured the light to the frame and a single wire harness to provide the power/signals to the lights. Once the bumper was rolled back (no need to take it entirely off) the tail lights pulled directly off the car, and the new ones were slid in, and bolted in the original location. This process is repeated on the other side. Overall, it took me 50 minutes to swap out the tail lights, and that was with some difficulty getting the first one out. For anyone that is thinking of doing some work to their car, tail lights are definitely a great place to start.

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