OS X 10.7: Lion

A few weeks ago I downloaded a developer’s release of the latest OS X, and finally got around to installing it today. Rather than wipe out my current Snow Leopard setup, I installed Lion to my old MBP hard drive that I’ve had lying around. I had to set up two partitions on the drive, one for the install image and the other to hold the new installation. I’m not sure if both partitions are necessary if you have an optical drive, but given that I have removed mine, this was the easiest way to mount the .dmg image. The install took about 30 minutes total – the computer rebooted once in the middle of the install (~10 minutes in), and then completed the remainder of the installation (~20 more minutes). Given that I’m running it from an external hard drive, I can’t make any comments on the speed of Lion, but the overall feel of the OS is very nice and on par with the reliability I’ve come to expect from Snow Leopard. Two new features that are apparent immediately are (1) the inclusion of ‘Launchpad’ – it’s an applications launcher similar to the one in iOS – and (2) the “reversal” of the trackpad scrolling – rather than moving your fingers down to scroll down, the new system is like iOS in that you scroll the opposite way that you want the page to move. Anyway, check out the screenshot of the system information and desktop below:

OS X 10.7: Lion

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One problem I’ve noticed since installing Lion, in both the new installation and in Snow Leopard, is that my iSight camera is no longer present in System Profiler. This means that no applications are seeing the camera also. I’m not sure if this is directly related to the new installation, or has been an ongoing problem that I just realized – the last time I remember using the camera was back in January. I’m currently in the process of trying to fix the issue – I’ve already booted into Safe Mode and repaired disk permissions, and will try resetting the PRAM and SMC later. I’ll post the fix once I figure out what it is exactly.

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