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I’ve mean procrastinating updating my personal/resume site for the past couple of months. Last night, I finally sat down and updated the content, but was disappointed in the layout. Yes, I designed the site myself, but that was a year ago. Since then, my tastes and abilities have changed slightly, so I figured a redesign was in order. I had planned on designing something myself, but happened across this article last night while playing on my iPad. Of the tutorials listed, one was for a resume – How to Create an HTML5 Microdata Powered Resume. I saved the link and came back to it this morning. I originally planned on only playing around with it, but ended up implementing the entire layout already and moving over to it already.

The overall layout is extremely clean, and by implementing all of the Schema tags, Google can dynamically change the content snippet shown when someone searches. This is helpful as it will hopefully broaden my presence on Google. Additionally, the entire site is done in HTML5. Check out the screenshot below, or head over to the live site here.

I think the next project will be a redesign of my portfolio. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: So I was a little premature in posting this – I’ve modified the code a bit to make it a little more ‘techy’. I’ve implemented a shuffle letters function found here on my name. The end result is that my name shuffles through several letters before finally displaying ‘Marc Budofsky’. Enjoy.

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