The Start of Summer 2012

I know I’ve been saying that a real post is coming soon for a while now, but life’s been a little crazy lately. I started my summer internship today, so I’ve been busy getting all my paperwork in order for that, and moving into my summer housing. However, I was able to get my order in for a Raspberry Pi a couple of weeks ago, so that should make for some fun projects once its finally shipped out. I’ve also finally gotten my server back online after moving out of Binghamton, so hopefully I’ll have some free time in the next couple of weeks to finalize the FreeNas install and do a writeup – I’ve noticed that a decent amount of traffic to my blog has been coming from HP N40L setup searches, so I’ll try my best to document everything I do to get the most of out the server. I’ve also started to play around with C#, so expect some code snippets to show up in the coming weeks as I dig deeper into it – hopefully all of my programming experience will offset my mild lack of CS knowledge when I head to NYU-Poly for my MS in the fall. I’m also working on a gallery type website for artist to display their work as my final project for the Binghamton Computer Center, so a demo of that will be live shortly after I finish putting everything together. As always, leave a comment if you have any questions or just want to say hi. Until next time…

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