It’s Been Fun, Binghamton

As of this past Saturday, I am officially done with Binghamton. After spending 5 years, and earning 2 degrees in the process, it’s come to an end. As much as I’ve said I can’t wait to get out of this place in the past couple of months to friends and family, I’m going to miss […]

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In order to finish my MBA with a concentration in Management Information Systems (MIS), I’m required to take Information Systems. The general concept behind the class is to understand the necessary steps that go into the analysis and design of IT systems. For the second half of the semester, we’ve focused on creating and analyzing […]

CMS, AJAX, and Custom Analytics

My boss asked me a few weeks ago to develop a site for one of the professors at Binghamton University. The site was to just be a redesign for some content the professor already had hosted, and needed to be clean and simple to use. After talking to my boss, we decided on a basic […]

Modifying Banner via the DOM

I recently decided to redo my resume in LaTex, and the template/tutorial I was following linked their GPA to a copy of their unofficial transcript. I thought this was a good idea, and decided to follow suit. I headed over to BUBrain (Binghamton University’s student backend) and printed a copy of my unofficial transcript to […]

Operating Systems Analysis: OS X | Windows | Linux

As part of my MBA program, I’m required to take Written and Oral Communications. One of our assignments was to give a 10 minute persuasive speech on a topic of our choice. Given that I have an affinity towards technology, as well as being a computer engineer, I opted to write my speech on something […]

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Google Maps API, Part 2

In my last post, I explained the basic implementation of the Google Maps API to allow a previously unindexed set of points to be mapped out. After completing the first version of the code, I immediately noticed a few small bugs that hindered its operation – specifically, the ability to save and load previously selected […]

Google Maps API, Part 1

When I returned to Binghamton University at the beginning of this semester, I was immediately confronted by large amounts of construction in the middle of campus. Binghamton has been doing construction for the past 2 years, so this wasn’t that much of a surprise. However, with the construction being directly in the area of what […]

CS 311, Part 2

As I said in my first post regarding my Operating Systems class, I still had several labs that I needed to complete for the class. Since then, I’ve completed two additional labs that I figured I would post about. In Lab3b, we looked at the traditional Producer/Consumer problem. Our solution required us to use semaphores, […]

CS 311 – Operating Systems

One of my required classes this semester was CS 311: Operating Systems. Binghamton University replaced CS 350 with CS 311 this semester – its identical except without the required Lab time; rather, we’re required to complete all of the labs on our own time. The first lab required us to read from a text file, […]