CS 311, Part 2

As I said in my first post regarding my Operating Systems class, I still had several labs that I needed to complete for the class. Since then, I’ve completed two additional labs that I figured I would post about. In Lab3b, we looked at the traditional Producer/Consumer problem. Our solution required us to use semaphores, […]

CS 311 – Operating Systems

One of my required classes this semester was CS 311: Operating Systems. Binghamton University replaced CS 350 with CS 311 this semester – its identical except without the required Lab time; rather, we’re required to complete all of the labs on our own time. The first lab required us to read from a text file, […]

Solving a Diophantine Problem – Brute Force

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m taking Discrete Mathematics this summer through the University of North Dakota. I was doing some homework for the class earlier, and came across some Diophantine problems; these are problems that are interested in solely finding integer solutions for the variables. In theory, the problems are easy to solve – they […]