Geektool, v2

I was just looking through the analytics and stats for my blog, and realized that almost 1 year later, my Geektool post is generating the most traffic to my site. Given that I recently got a new computer and began using some new geeklets, I figured an update was in order. I’ll try my best […]

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ToDo.txt on the Web

While I was home over Thanksgiving break, I got an early graduation gift from my parents – a new 2.5 GHz i7 MacBook Pro. In the process of transferring all of my programs and documents to the new computer, I decided to look into some new programs to install, specifically a better way to keep […]

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Mac OS X Only: Geektool

One of my favorite applications for OS X is GeekTool – a simple application that lets you embed files, images, and basic scripts on your desktop. At first I was only using GeekTool to provide me with the date and time, but recently I’ve expanded the number of scripts I have to include some system […]