Snow Leopard and USB 2.0 Problems

Ever since I did a reinstall of Leopard on my Desktop back in January, I’ve been having problems with the USB Ports and External Media – even though my motherboard is a USB 2.0 board, everything was coping at 1.1 speeds. I thought this had to do with the kext I was using for my […]

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Twice in one day!?

I’m trying to make more time for this whole thing – blogging and web-design – so as if one update wasn’t enough today, I’m going for two. I know a while back I had mentioned that my desktop was breaking, and I had suspected it was the hard drive going. The problem my hackintosh was […]

iPhone SDK 3.1.2 and Leopard 10.5.6

Its been a crazy month, but one little trick I picked up was how to install the latest iPhone SDK without having the latest version of Leopard installed. By default, the SDK looks for version 10.5.8, which is most definitely not what my Hackintosh is running. After several failed attempts to perform the update, ranging […]

Asus P5N-7A and OS X 10.5.7

As promised in my Hackintosh post, here’s a guide for the Asus P5N-7A motherboard. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the install process, but Ufdah over at insanelymac was nice enough to let me borrow some from the original install guide – head over to there if you have any problems here. I’ll also […]

Asus Z96J Hackintosh

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get a working Z96J hackintosh install, plus multiboot with Windows and any number of Linux distributions. All credit for the Leopard portion of the install goes to rickdekart from Currently, my wifi and camera are not working, but I’ve purchased a Dell 1320 mini pci-e card off ebay for […]

HP Mini 1000 Hackintosh

My friend recently got a HP Mini 1020NR that he said I could play with. Naturally, I immediately wanted to install Leopard on it. Some quick google searching lead me to this guide. In addition to Leopard, I wanted to keep the original Windows XP installation. In the end, the system is going to have […]

Hackintosh Laptop

Sorry for the lack of updates recently – it’s been crazy getting everything ready to go back to school. On top of that, I’ve started another new project – creating a Hackintosh laptop out of my old Asus Z96J 15.4″ Vista laptop. Without going into too many details (I plan on writing a how-to for […]

What Alternatives Exist to DVR?

With this summer quickly nearing its end, and school becoming a very close prospect, I’ve begun thinking about how to set up my room and what I still need to get for it. I recently got my new TV, a 42″ Westinghouse 1080p LCD from eCost, and had to make a decision regarding my cable. […]

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Storing All of Your DVDs on Your Computer

With computers becoming cheaper and more mainstream than ever before, many people have begun to rely on their Home Theater PC (HTPC). These computers are great for eliminating the need for several devices, such as a DVD player and Cable Box. However, the act of having to swap a DVD in and out of the […]

The Art of Hackintosh

For winter break my freshman year, I decided to build a new desktop.  I had previously built a desktop my sophmore year of high school, and figured this would be a good time for an upgrade.  I had just gotten my laptop the summer before, so I had been reading up a lot on Windows […]