Since people like options, I’ve decided to make a how to for redsn0w, another iPod/iPhone jailbreaking tool. Like I had originally posted, I was going to try redsn0w at first; the reason I stopped was that my iPod was hanging the software up at one point, and I wasn’t sure how to correct it. Here […]

PwnageTool and OS 3.0

After getting OS 3.0 installed on my iPod Touch, I’ve decided to do a little jailbreaking. Jailbreaking allows you to download apps that are not part of the App Store, and apply a few “tweaks” to your device, many of them allowing more features than Apple had originally intended. Originally I was going to try […]

iPod Touch 3.0?

I’ve had a 16 GB iPod Touch since roughly when they were released.  I ended up jailbreaking it before I even loaded music up on it, and it became one of my everyday devices. With the release of OS 2.0, I held off on updating it for two reasons: (1) I liked having all of […]

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