UpDown UpDown Sorting

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on the new website for The Tech Upload. They launched Phase I about a month ago, and I’ve been trying to finish up Phase II for them. Part of Phase II includes a reddit-like user posting section, with the ability for visitors to vote posts up/down based […]

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New Google Bar

The other day, one of my friend’s showed me the blog he had been working on for one of his classes during the past semester. One of the posts explained how to enable the new Google Bar, but was strictly tailored to Google Chrome. After a quick search, I found the necessary plugin for Firefox […]

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Your University Maps

Welcome to Part 3 of my Google Maps API implementation. In my last post I explained how to implement the ability to save and load a set of data points via a JSON string on top of the Google Maps API as a set of markers and a polyline, and how to perform Dijkstra’s Shortest […]

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Google Maps API, Part 2

In my last post, I explained the basic implementation of the Google Maps API to allow a previously unindexed set of points to be mapped out. After completing the first version of the code, I immediately noticed a few small bugs that hindered its operation – specifically, the ability to save and load previously selected […]

Google Maps API, Part 1

When I returned to Binghamton University at the beginning of this semester, I was immediately confronted by large amounts of construction in the middle of campus. Binghamton has been doing construction for the past 2 years, so this wasn’t that much of a surprise. However, with the construction being directly in the area of what […]

Macbook Pro Upgrades

As I’ve mentioned before, I had a whole list of upgrades to make to my MBP, but was waiting for my optibay knockoff to arrive from China. Last week, the package arrived and I finally had all of the parts to complete my upgrades. With two ifixit.com guides opened – one for the optical drive […]

iPhone SDK 3.1.2 and Leopard 10.5.6

Its been a crazy month, but one little trick I picked up was how to install the latest iPhone SDK without having the latest version of Leopard installed. By default, the SDK looks for version 10.5.8, which is most definitely not what my Hackintosh is running. After several failed attempts to perform the update, ranging […]


Over the summer, my friend showed me a new music streaming program called Spotify. He said that he had to use a UK proxy to register and download it, as it is not released in the US yet. I tried several times to follow his instructions, but never had any luck registering for it. Recently, […]

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Asus P5N-7A and OS X 10.5.7

As promised in my Hackintosh post, here’s a guide for the Asus P5N-7A motherboard. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the install process, but Ufdah over at insanelymac was nice enough to let me borrow some from the original install guide – head over to there if you have any problems here. I’ll also […]

Asus Z96J Hackintosh

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get a working Z96J hackintosh install, plus multiboot with Windows and any number of Linux distributions. All credit for the Leopard portion of the install goes to rickdekart from insanelymac.com. Currently, my wifi and camera are not working, but I’ve purchased a Dell 1320 mini pci-e card off ebay for […]