Operating Systems Analysis: OS X | Windows | Linux

As part of my MBA program, I’m required to take Written and Oral Communications. One of our assignments was to give a 10 minute persuasive speech on a topic of our choice. Given that I have an affinity towards technology, as well as being a computer engineer, I opted to write my speech on something […]

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GNU GRand Unified Bootloader (aka GRUB)

GRUB is installed by default when you install various Linux Distributions alongside Windows. Ubuntu is among these distributions. I have been using the GRUB Bootloader on my Tablet since I got it – Ubuntu was one of the first pieces of software that I installed. I’ve had some bumps with it here and there, but […]


Over the summer, my friend showed me a new music streaming program called Spotify. He said that he had to use a UK proxy to register and download it, as it is not released in the US yet. I tried several times to follow his instructions, but never had any luck registering for it. Recently, […]

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Linux, for people who want to know why their computer works.

Instinctively, everyone is afraid of Linux – the big, bad open source operating system. They don’t like that its not Windows or Mac, and shy away from it. However, in reality, Linux, and specifically Ubuntu, are quite easy to get used to if you are willing to give it a shot. The first thing people […]

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Asus Z96J Hackintosh

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get a working Z96J hackintosh install, plus multiboot with Windows and any number of Linux distributions. All credit for the Leopard portion of the install goes to rickdekart from insanelymac.com. Currently, my wifi and camera are not working, but I’ve purchased a Dell 1320 mini pci-e card off ebay for […]

Hackintosh Laptop

Sorry for the lack of updates recently – it’s been crazy getting everything ready to go back to school. On top of that, I’ve started another new project – creating a Hackintosh laptop out of my old Asus Z96J 15.4″ Vista laptop. Without going into too many details (I plan on writing a how-to for […]

Recovering Locked Files

My Uncle dropped off his old computer last week to see if I could get some files off of it for him. He has been using the Hackintosh I built for him for roughly 2 months now, and he figured it would be a good time to migrate all of his old works files to […]

What Alternatives Exist to DVR?

With this summer quickly nearing its end, and school becoming a very close prospect, I’ve begun thinking about how to set up my room and what I still need to get for it. I recently got my new TV, a 42″ Westinghouse 1080p LCD from eCost, and had to make a decision regarding my cable. […]

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Storing All of Your DVDs on Your Computer

With computers becoming cheaper and more mainstream than ever before, many people have begun to rely on their Home Theater PC (HTPC). These computers are great for eliminating the need for several devices, such as a DVD player and Cable Box. However, the act of having to swap a DVD in and out of the […]

My computers running slow – What do I do?!

After typical use, any computer will start to feel sluggish. Many people often mistake this for a virus, or some type of adware or spyware. However, the reality is that there is nothing attacking your computer, it simply just needs a tune up, much in the way a car does every several thousand miles. There […]