Late 2011 MBP

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, I recently got a new MacBook Pro as an early graduation present to replace my old MBP. Even though it was a brand new computer, I only upgraded a few components when I purchased it – opting to upgrade the remaining items by myself after. This was […]

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OS X 10.7: Lion

A few weeks ago I downloaded a developer’s release of the latest OS X, and finally got around to installing it today. Rather than wipe out my current Snow Leopard setup, I installed Lion to my old MBP hard drive that I’ve had lying around. I had to set up two partitions on the drive, […]

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Mac OS X Only: Geektool

One of my favorite applications for OS X is GeekTool – a simple application that lets you embed files, images, and basic scripts on your desktop. At first I was only using GeekTool to provide me with the date and time, but recently I’ve expanded the number of scripts I have to include some system […]

Sneak Peek: Geektool

I’m working on putting the finishing touches on a post regarding my Geektool setup, and realized I haven’t put up any new content in 3 weeks. So, here’s a sneak peek of my Geektool setup… Check back in the next few days for a break down of all the scripts and explanations.

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NVidia Fail = Apple FTW?!

As the semester was coming to an end, my Macbook Pro fell victim to the Nvidia failure that is common among this generation. I immediately took it to an Apple Certified Repair Center in Binghamton, and was pretty bummed when it wouldn’t fail the test properly to be covered under Apple’s Extended Warranty program. I […]

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Macbook Pro Upgrades

As I’ve mentioned before, I had a whole list of upgrades to make to my MBP, but was waiting for my optibay knockoff to arrive from China. Last week, the package arrived and I finally had all of the parts to complete my upgrades. With two guides opened – one for the optical drive […]

Snow Leopard and USB 2.0 Problems

Ever since I did a reinstall of Leopard on my Desktop back in January, I’ve been having problems with the USB Ports and External Media – even though my motherboard is a USB 2.0 board, everything was coping at 1.1 speeds. I thought this had to do with the kext I was using for my […]

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Twice in one day!?

I’m trying to make more time for this whole thing – blogging and web-design – so as if one update wasn’t enough today, I’m going for two. I know a while back I had mentioned that my desktop was breaking, and I had suspected it was the hard drive going. The problem my hackintosh was […]

iPhone SDK 3.1.2 and Leopard 10.5.6

Its been a crazy month, but one little trick I picked up was how to install the latest iPhone SDK without having the latest version of Leopard installed. By default, the SDK looks for version 10.5.8, which is most definitely not what my Hackintosh is running. After several failed attempts to perform the update, ranging […]

Asus P5N-7A and OS X 10.5.7

As promised in my Hackintosh post, here’s a guide for the Asus P5N-7A motherboard. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the install process, but Ufdah over at insanelymac was nice enough to let me borrow some from the original install guide – head over to there if you have any problems here. I’ll also […]